Buon Appetito Italian Cuisine

Italian Dishes

         Buon Appetito Italian Cuisine Catering

Appetizer                             1/2 tray (10-15ppl)   full tray (25-35ppl)
 Calamari (Baby Squid dusted in flour with a hint of lemon &            $60.00   $110.00    

                                  Served with a side of Ammoglio Sauce)

Mussels (Open faced Mussels Sauteed in Plum Tomato Sauce           $60.00   $90.00

Caprese (Fresh Mozzarella with Sliced Tomatoes, Olive Oil              $40.00   $70.00
& Fresh Basil)

Hot Banana Peppers ( Hot Banana Peppers sautéed with Italian         $60.00   $90.00
Sausage, Onions & Potatoes with a touch of garlic)

Bruschetta Bread (Fresh Garlic, Tomatoes, Parmigiano & Olive oil)        $35.00   $70.00

Arancini (Rice Ball) (stuffed with our own Meat Sauce, Peas                    $5.00 each
& Mozzarella breaded and fried

Antipasto Italiano Platter                                                                         $75.00


Salad                           1/2 tray (10-15ppl)   full tray (25-35ppl)

      Garden Salad (Mixed greens, Carrots, Cucumbers & Tomatoes)          $25.00   $50.00

Caesar (Romaine, Grated Parmigiano Cheese, Croutons & Dressing)     $30.00   $60.00

Caesar with Grilled Chicken                                                                   $35.00   $70.00

Red Tomato Salad (Tomatoes, Olives, Onions & Cucumbers tossed       $35.00   $70.00
Olive Oil & Balsamic vinegar dressing)

Buon Appetito Salad (Grilled Chicken served over Mixed Greens       $40.00   $80.00
with Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Peppers, Black Olives,
Tomatoes, Fontinella Cheese)


Chicken                               1/2 tray (10-15ppl)   full tray (25-35ppl)

Chicken Piccante (Mushrooms & Capers sautéed in a light wine,        $50.00   $90.00

Lemon butter sauce)

Chicken Marsala (Mushrooms sautéed in our flavorful Marsala           $50.00  $90.00

wine sauce)

Chicken Cacciatore (Mushrooms, Red Peppers & Sweet Onions in          $50.00  $90.00

light tomato wine sauce)

Chicken Parmigiana (Topped with our tomato sauce & melted             $50.00  $90.00

mozzarella cheese)

Chicken Cremosi (lightly breaded chicken breast sautéed in            $50.00  $90.00

olive oil & tossed in a lemon cream sauce)


Pasta                                            1/2 tray (10-15ppl)   full tray (25-35ppl)

Penne or Spaghetti (with our famous Marinara Sauce)                  $30.00   $60.00

Penne or Spaghetti (with our famous Meat Sauce)                      $35.00   $65.00

                                                             (lasagna serving) 1/2 tray 9ppl   & Full  Tray 18ppl
Lasagna (layers of pasta baked with Mozzarella, Ricotta &            $50.00   $90.00
Parmigiana cheese in our famous Meat Sauce)

Penne Palamino (Pasta tossed in a Tomato Cream Sauce)                $35.00   $65.00

Penne Alla Palermitana ( Pasta tossed with our famous Meat           $40.00   $75.00
Sauce & fresh Ricotta cheese covered with melted mozzarella

Spinach & Ricotta Rigatoni (a creamy blend of spinach, fresh         $40.00   $75.00
Ricotta cheese & a touch of garlic with Rigatoni Pasta)

Penne Alla Vito ( sautéed Chicken & Rock Shrimp with Spinach         $50.00   $90.00
& tossed with penne pasta, in a garlic & olive oil sauce)

Spaghetti Trapanese ( fresh Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Basil and Garlic     $30.00  $60.00
tossed with steaming Spaghetti)

Fettuccine Alfredo ( Fettuccine pasta tossed in a creamy              $35.00  $70.00
Alfredo Sauce)

Tortellini Primavera ( fresh Garden Vegetable & Cheese filled         $45.00  $90.00
Pasta in a delightful cream sauce)

Eggplant Parmigiana (lightly breaded top with Sauce & Parmigiano      $35.00  $65.00


Extras                                                         pint       quart

Buon Appetito Meat Sauce                                            $5.00      $10.00
Buon Appetito Marinara Sauce                                      $4.00     $8.00

Alfredo Sauce                                                                $7.50    $15.00

Homemade Garlic Bread                              $15.00 Half Tray $25.00 Full Tray

Fresh Cut Fruit Platter                    $55.00 (up to 20 people)  $70.00 (up to 30 people)


Dessert                                                                   Per Item

Mini Cannoli (Pastry Shell filled with sweetened creamy Ricotta          $1.75
Cheese & dusted with Powdered Sugar)

Large Cannoli (Pastry Shell filled with sweetened creamy Ricotta         $4.00
Cheese & dusted with Powdered Sugar)

Tirami su (Lady Fingers dipped in Kahlua & Espresso,topped with sweetened Mascarpone Cheese & dusted with Cocoa Powder                                           Half Tray $50.00    Full Tray $90.00